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  • IncQuery and Gradle
    • interesting to see, no support yet
    • Zoli will communicate with Xtext developers on missing features for supporting Gradle
    • no priority unless specific request
  • UML cacheAdapter
    • Lesson learned: UML resources needs to be unloaded explicitly
  • Target platform packages
    • Loading metamodel from jar file in target platform does not work
    • Found workaround in EMF: loading a URI mapping to the ResourceSet
      • We are afraid it might have side effects
      • However, it would be nice to include it into 1.1
    • Decision: merge and evaluate
  • Local search/alternative backends
    • Minor API break -> only local search users are affected
    • Decision: let’s do this for 1.2
  • MPS-IncQuery
    • evaluation of query performance on C code
  • bugzilla review
    • some bugs assigned to Dini may have to be postponed


  • bugzilla review
  • debugger demo by Péter Lunk

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