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  • cyclic linking
    • fix added, lot of effort to check
    • on certain machines for specific projects, a new type of error occurs
    • parameters with type definition not available is problematic
      • in Massif it cannot be fixed since data types cannot be specifically set (EString/String issues)
    • workaround can be to enforce the order of file processing
      • in 1.1, use file name ordering
      • in 1.2, use analysis of cross file dependencies
    • uncovers deeper problems around type inference and scalar types
    • main strategies
      • Enforce type declaration for parameters on all public patterns
      • Extend language with scalar type support with the correct semantics
  • NPE in JvmTypeInference
    • not critical, but can be confusing
  • NPE in QueryExplorer
    • probably add null check in checkStateChanged
  • Viewers
    • Balázs will check the fix provided by Csabi
  • UML surrogate query
    • fixed by Dini after some evaluation of the UML metamodel
  • EMF-IncQuery Variables view
    • Dini fixed the issue, Balázs will check it
  • LS
    • performance measurements
      • Marci is still running the evaluation
      • based on the results, choose an approach for scope checking
    • query backend review
      • need to see how to integrate LS as full alternative
      • no hybrid for now, but should not create problems for later adaptation
    • “post” option seems OK, let’s try going with that
  • Sirius
    • Balázs did some measurements
    • create Github wiki page: what should be done in Sirius in order to support EMF-IncQuery as query language
    • make sure all glue code and temporary modifications are kept in one place to easily show the required changes
  • EclipseCon lightning talk
    • how could we visualize the behavior of the system
  • Bugzilla overview


  • CEP question
    • allow access to engine inside action code?
    • for now: NO
    • evaluate needs and consequences
  • bugzilla overview
    • check 0.8.0RC issues
  • debugger demo planned for meeting on Oct. 22

QueryBackendRegistry review

  • local search should be added as available backend
  • Local Search still depends on incquery.runtime:
    • IncQueryEngine
    • IncQueryException
    • special emf.types
  • in 1.2. make sure a given IncQueryEngine uses a single QueryBackendFactory
  • default behavior for Local Search is without base index
  • for now, it is not a problem that LS is EMF-specific
  • maybe LS should specify multiple backends to separate between EMF-specific and generic

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