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Meeting minutes 2015 10 01


  • bugzilla update
    • Dini, Balázs perform feasibility check
    • Ábel, István: lots of cruft in the “Future” section, should be revised
    • “ownerless” tickets (especially in 1.2) should be assigned
      • seems to mostly affect LS
    • István: VIATRA seems to lack a “vision” to guide issue management, I have come up with one
      • 0.8 should contain only short term issues, 0.9 contains everything else
      • for 0.9, the followings should have priority:
        • prototypical deeper integration between EMF, DSE and CEP (does not have dedicated ticket yet, but we already have a concept brewing, see
        • semantics consolidation for CEP
        • API improvements for emf core
        • fully featured debugger
        • dedicated API constructs for recurring aspects such as traceability management
      • for 1.0,
        • (must) mature deep integration between emf-dse-cep
        • (must) mature debugger
        • (optional) dedicated xform DSL for emf core
  • local search
    • we need a bugzilla review
    • involve Balázs Grill for the 1.2 timeframe
      • “integration tasks”




  • long term vision is still unclear
  • CEP
  • DSE
    • research driven development (what is needed for papers)
    • used in MONDO project (Csabi), API breakage should be made by synchronizing

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