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  • meeting schedule: Thursday 14:00 (from next week)
  • consent forms
    • non-IQL committers can use existing e-mail address
  • Xtext 2.9 migration
    • general comment: if you get a notification for build failure, check the cause and make sure to notify the other developers
  • RCPTT:
    • 2 tests failing since August, cannot reproduce locally
    • TODO Balázs: please set up the build locally and check out the failures
  • recursion bug:
    • possible EMF-IncQuery bug
    • Gaben is working with Tomi to get a reproducible example
    • TODO Gaben: create bugzilla for tracking
  • Github sharing:
    • Zoltán: some refinement can be added (clear up usage of pull requests)
  • Dini: working on cyclic linking problem together with Zoli
  • Local search:
    • merged new algorithm to master
    • TODO Marci: ask Dani to try again with new planner
    • query scope: undefined behavior for references pointing out from scope
      • Create list and prototype for possible methods
      • Performance evaluation is needed for scope checking methods
      • Maybe put the decision into the user’s hand through Advanced API

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