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  • Balázs Grill: welcome
  • Model obfuscator
    • Make it a new, generic VIATRA subcomponent
  • Project lab sheet
    • Hungarian or English?
    • English: public; Hungarian: copy-able into education forms
    • Not only hungarian education-specific but project-specific feature list
    • Should be extended into a bounty-page
  • PSystem overview documentation
  • Progress reports
    • TODO (Ábel): github sharing - no previous owner
    • TODO (Balázs): please test the development guide
    • MPS-IncQuery: migration to 1.0 IncQuery API
    • FAQ: performance FAQ migrated; old FAQ was not found
      • New VIATRA FAQ - currently mostly empty; old VPM-based content should not be migrated
      • Goal: repeated forum questions should be answerable by FAQ
    • Local search
      • TODO (Zoli): coach Balázs with regards to local search
    • IncQuery 1.0.1
    • Sirius integration
      • Technical issue with dynamic EMF - Gaben will consult with Csaba
  • No planned meetings for next two weeks

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