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  • EIQ
    • release
    • release
    • model obfuscator
    • logo


  • EIQ, VIATRA release: GO, remaining TODOs:
    • Zoli: release builds
    • Zoli: download page
    • Zoli: website (remove incubation logo for EIQ)
    • Istvan: blogpost (both VIATRA and EIQ)
    • Csabi: Viewers documentation
  • Logo
    • Nasz: 3rd left, upper row
    • IstvanR: 1st left or 1st right, upper row OR 1st right, lower row
    • Uzi: neutral
    • Gaben: 1st right, lower row
    • Abel: 1st right, lower row
    • Decision: 1st right, lower row
      • text: regular (not bold)
    • Comment (VDani): nice design+good choice
    • TODO IstvanRath: bugzilla for logo contribution, comments from Istvan David
      • check if CEP incorporates the logo in any way
  • EclipseCon France
    • Plan to submit a more VIATRA-focused session proposal to ECE 2015, Nasz and DavidI help
    • Capella
      • they are developing a comprehensive open documentation in the context of the CLARITY project
    • EIQ-Sirius integration
      • EIQ “low level” integration to Sirius (write EIQ everywhere where queries are needed in Sirius)
        • Sirius 3.0 released with AQL
        • we will develop and EIQ-based benchmark adaptation for the diagram rendering usecase
        • additionally, we will propose an API extension so that Sirius can process query update notifications from EIQ, to refresh diagrams more efficiently
        • odesign editor extensions will need to be reworked for Viewers integration
    • Thales will contribute a Sirius-based graphical editor for IQPL, we will accept this as open source in the context of the EIQ project
      • someone from Thales will need to be accepted as a committer
    • recurring task: create an embeddable (Xtext-based) editor for IQPL (to appear e.g. in a dialog box / properties view)
      • Uzi: there are samples to integrate Xtext with Sirius

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