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  • Tomi: progress on debugger
  • Dini: UML update breaks the build because of cross-file references due to this issue
      • 14:47:05 [ERROR] ERROR:Cyclic linking detected : PatternCall.patternRef->PatternCall.patternRef (file:/home/jenkins/workspace/EMF-IncQueryv2/plugins/org.eclipse.incquery.uml/src/org/eclipse/incquery/uml/derivedfeatures/Union.eiq line : 294)
      • suggested workaround: merge everything into a single EIQ file (let’s burn the CPU with the xtext parser :-)
  • István: transient problems with the integration update site
      • problems due to a combination of Gaben’s refactorings and a version bump in rete visualizer
      • storm is over, now everything should work fine
  • Potential tasks for Dini
      • 431909: whitelist for pure calls
      • 462993: connectedness validator (would also be good)
      • 458336: api tools
      • 398769: long-integer comparison
      • 464574: parameterless pattern handling (language vs epm2pbody) (fixed in the meantime)
      • 463771: facet model browser support
      • 434794 maven compiler for fragments
      • NO NUMBER YET standalone setup generator for fragments
      • Low priority: 464599 zipped update sites
  • Marci TODO: make measurements with tb-ttc to highlight performance differences between INC and LS
      • Gaben TODO: check for errors present in normal EIQ code
  • Csabi: couldn’t reproduce viewers issue
  • István integration testing


  • Nasz: update site has been fixed to include source and doc features
  • Sosym paper: expected to be ready early next week

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