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Issue Tracking specifics for the VIATRA project

For user documentation on creating issues, see here

Component and version management

Component maintainers are expected to follow issues related to their components. The default inboxes for the various components are set up as follows:

Component Default owner

In Bugzilla settings in the User Watching part you can subscribe to all issues created (that is not assigned by default to somebody) in that component.

Managing issue life-cycle

  • The *version* attribute means the lowest version where the specified change is relevant:
    • In case of bugs, the earliest version it was identified/reproduced.
    • In case of enhancements, the version the missing feature was detected by the reporter.
    • Only update the version attribute, if it was reproduced in an earlier version.
  • When planning a release, assign milestones to the issues which are part of the next release
  • When a milestone is completed, do the following for all corresponding open issues
    • move to a later milestone if still planned for the release
    • set the milestone to FUTURE or any later milestone (if available) if not planned for the release
  • Do the same as above with any open issue when it is no longer considered for its current milestone
  • The milestone version of an issue therefore means:
    • New: the version it is reported for
    • Open: the version it is planned to be fixed or added
    • Resolved: the version where it has been fixed or added

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