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Basic information

The development of VIATRA follows the Eclipse Development Process. For contributions, this means that all potential contributors need to

Working on your contribution on Github

We encourage all developers to use version control even while working on their contributions. In order to help setting things up, we provide Github mirrors for our Git repositories:

These mirrors are automatically kept up to date with the official repository on a daily basis. Just click "Fork" to create your own repository and you are ready to go. You will be able to pull new changes from this repository, but won't be able to create pull requests when you are ready.

Important notes:

  • Since Gerrit changes are limited to a single commit, make sure to squash your commits into a single one for a given contributions (we suggest making small and frequent contributions instead of single, large ones).
  • Your changes will still have to go through Gerrit (see above), but we can help you with the process.

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