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Logo ideas

Original ideas from Ábel:

The font used for the "Tra" part is Josefin Sans

Ideas from István D :

Comments from Dániel:
I am afraid the colours and the transitions are still not yet compatible with that of IncQuery.
  • The left part of the V should probably be plum and then brick
  • for the right part it should turn into orange and gold (with reversed shading - dark2light)
  • In the very end, the arrows can be violet
BTW: the key RGB colours are the following:
  • Violet: 48, 22, 49
  • Plum: 129,33,65
  • Brick: 175, 69, 69
  • Orange: 241, 123, 69
  • Gold: 231, 185, 75 (talk) 05:43, 9 February 2015 (EST)

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