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How to contribute to VE?

  1. For starters, you will need the Eclipse 3.3 SDK, and a Java 5 JDK from Sun.
  2. Then a checkout of the relevant projects. There is a team project set attached to that bug 203317.
  3. There is a small extra step: there is a jar in emf/ant that needs to build first. Get the Jardesc attached to bug 203449, and save it in at the root of the org.eclipse.emf.ant project. Edit it to match you workspace path (right click, Open Jar packager), then create the jar. The comment threads in bug 203449 also suggest a better way, without using a jardesc.

What to do next?

Then you can pick a bug, a small one, like an enhancement request, something that you can relate to, something that bugs YOU, rather a small end user feature.

Here is a list of all open bugs:

When you have decided on a bug, CC your self on it, add a comment telling that you are working on it, and start the discussion in the bug comments. If you have questions, post them here or on the ve-dev mailing list. Then as soon as you have the smallest fix working, attach a patch to the bug, and send a heads up on the ve-dev list.

There is a documentation on how to write patches and contributing to eclipse there:

Tips and tricks

List your tips and tricks here.

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