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Triquetrum/Target Platform Definition

The Triquetrum Eclipse configuration uses Target Platform Definition (.tpd) files to create the .target files

See (formerly for details.

How to install the Target Platform Definition Facility

As per

"Add the following p2 repository (update-site) in your update manager (in Eclipse, Help Menu > Install New Software..., Add... button on the top right corner):

Then, select Eclipse CBI Release Engineering Tools and click on Next, Next, accept the license(s) and then Finish

Then, select the Target Platform Definition DSL and Generator feature and click on Finish."

How to update the Triquetrum target

  1. Right click on and select "Create Target Definition File". This will create
  2. Right click again on the .tpd file and select "Set Target Platform" (Or open the .target file that was just created and set the target platform there)
  3. Then go to the org.eclipse.triquetrum.repository/Triquetrum.product file and select Run.

See Building From Sources for details.

Note that includes org.eclipse.triquetrum.python.rpc.platform.tpd, so if you are updating the version of Eclipse that is used to build Triquetrum, then you will need to update both .tpd files. See Bug #104: Update Triquetrum to Neon.

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