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Triquetrum/Releng/New Eclipse Version

Periodically, Eclipse gets updated and Triquetrum should be updated to the most recent version of Eclipse.

Below are the changes necessary.

See Milestone and Release Builds

Update the tpd files

  1. We use Target Platform Definition (.tpd) files to define .target files, so edit the .tpd files and change from the previous Eclipse to the new Eclipse
    1. There are two .tpd files in releng, both must be edited
      1. org.eclipse.triquetrum.python.rpc.platform.tpd and
    2. For both files update
      1. The orbit number for the Eclipse release, see
      2. the Eclipse version number (ex: change 2019-09 to 2020-03)
  2. Right click on each .tpd file and select "Create Target Definition File", which will create the .target file
  3. Right click again on the file and select "Set Target Platform" (Or open the .target file that was just created and set the target platform there)

Check for other instances

Check out a clean tree and search for the previous Eclipse:

 git clone
 cd triquetrum
 find . -type f | xargs grep 2019-09

Check for Eclipse and Orbit versions in features/org.eclipse.triquetrum.workflow.rcp.feature/feature.xml

Migrate EMF

Periodically, the EMF files need to be updated.

See 'Maybe a migration is needed' warnings in the log

The .view files in plugins/editor/org.eclipse.triquetrum.workflow.model.viewmodel/viewmodels need to be updated.

To do this, EMF needs to be installed via Help -> Install New Software. It is not quite clear what parts of EMF needs to be installed, try

  • EMF - Eclipse Modeling Framework SDK
  • EMF Forms SDK

When you click on the .view file, then you should be prompted to migrate the file.

If you get an error, then the line number of the error might be in the message. For example, below the error was in line 28:

 This view cannot be displayed.
 Reason: org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi.IllegalValueException: 
    Value 'org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xml.type.impl.AnyTypeImpl@5407cc39 
    (eClass: org.eclipse.emf.ecore.impl.EClassImpl@486b35d5 
       (name: FeaturePathDomainModelReference) 
       (instanceClassName: null)
       (abstract: false, interface: false))
    (mixed: [ecore.xml.type:text=
           , domainModelEFeature=org.eclipse.emf.ecore.impl.EAttributeImpl@6689f455 
       (eProxyURI:, ecore.xml.type:text=
         ], anyAttribute: null)' is not legal. 
 (platform:/resource/org.eclipse.triquetrum.workflow.model.viewmodel/viewmodels/Actor.view, 28, 206)

Update Tycho

  1. Review the Tycho Release_Notes and find the latest released version of Tycho.
  2. Edit pom.xml and update tycho-version.

Update the version number

See Milestone Builds


  1. Go to the org.eclipse.triquetrum.repository/Triquetrum.product file and select Run.
    1. The new Eclipse version should appear in the splash screen
  2. Exit Eclipse and run "mvn clean verify"
  3. Test out the installer, which will be in releng/org.eclipse.triquetrum.repository/target/products
  mkdir tmp
  cd tmp
  unzip ../releng/org.eclipse.triquetrum.repository/target/products/

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