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There are at least two ways to get started with Triquetrum:

  1. Building From Sources, which is for people who will collaborate on Triquetrum by recompiling and submitting changes.
  2. Downloads, which is for people who want to use Triquetrum without recompiling.

This page is discusses how to download Triquetrum.



After downloading, see Triquetrum/Getting Started

Other Triquetrum Download Pages


Mac Triquetrum Image Fails to Start

Under Mojave with Triquetrum 0.3.0, the Triquetrum app may fail to start with a message about the file being damaged. For a workaround, see #337 Triquetrum macOS app fails to open: message about being damaged

Under El Capitan, after downloading and unzipping the Triquetrum installer, a message: '"Eclipse" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.' appears.

Dialog indicating that the Eclipse binary was created by an unidentified developer

The solution is to right click on the Eclipse icon and select Open.

To work around this issue, Right click on the Eclipse icon and select open

Then, in the dialog that appears, click Open.

Query asking if it is ok to open the Eclipse binary that was created by an unidentified developer

Triquetrum should now start up. See Triquetrum/Getting Started.

Windows: Unzip problem: Path too long

Unzipping the Windows download could result in a message "Path too long". The workaround is to use a tool like 7-zip to unzip the file and not use Windows Explorer. See Bug #292: 0.2.0RC1 Win64 binary unzip problem: Path too long.

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