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Trace Compass/Project Meetings/2019-03-28

Meeting topic

The main objective of this session is to share with the community the results of the efforts around the Trace Server Protocol (TSP), Trace Server and web frontend based on Theia. The focus will be on the next generation IDE work. The presentation will go over the architecture, potential use cases and opportunities. Then there will be a proof of concept demo.


  • Jim McDonald (Ciena)
  • J Puncher (Ciena)
  • Francois Tetreault (Ciena)
  • Abderhamane Benbashir (Microsoft)
  • Christian Mansky
  • Doug Schaefer (QNX)
  • Michel Dagenais (Polytechnique Montreal)
  • Genevieve Bastien (Polytechnique Montreal)
  • Loïc Gelle (Google/Polytechnique Montreal)
  • Christophe Bedard (Polytechnique Montreal)
  • Bernd Hufmann (Ericsson)
  • Simon Delisle (Ericsson)
  • Matthew Khouzam (Ericsson)
  • Jean Roussel Personna (Ericsson)
  • Patrick Tasse (Ericsson)
  • Viet-Hung Phan (Ericsson)

Presentation & Demo

Introducing: Trace Server Protocol


  • Discussion on the performance of JSON vs gzipped JSON in TSP.
    • NOTE: Tests were done using localhost. So results don't account for network delays that can vary significantly depending on the cases.
  • Genevieve: Looking forward de develop on Theia!
  • Matthew: If this is done right, we'll all be working on the backend!
  • Francois Tetreault very impressive demo! Looking forward to seeing us and discussing this further with us in May.
  • Timeline? When will it be ready? In one, two years?
    • It is the right direction.
    • There is no clear timeline at the moment.
    • More contributors/contributions would help!
  • Discussion triggered by Doug:
    • QNX has a profiler that predates Trace Compass.
    • New IDE Architecture for CDT. TSP is aligned with that.
    • Developers want to make their own analyses.
    • It would be good to have centralized analyses to minimize the number of implementations doing the same thing
    • Smart engineers would like to have extensible servers
    • The whole philosophy…
    • Heading in the right direction.
    • We need to get vendors to use our tools to build an ecosystem…
    • We need to work with other companies to combine our ideas!
    • A strong community and a good communication => …
  • Questions on how scalable tables are handled?
    • We only handle the table virtually.
    • Only the 'relevant" subset of the table is loaded in memory at any time
    • ag-Grid Community license is used (MIT license)
      • Could there be "conflicts" between potential contributions to the Community version and and the Commercia version?
      • Forking the Community version can always be a consideration.
      • Ag-Grid was chosen for experimenting because of its capabilities. Using ag-Grid in the future has not been finalized as a decision.
  • Bernd will share the slides on the Trace Mailing List!
  • Doug: Communication will be important…

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