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Trace Compass/Project Meetings/2017-02-10


  • Genevieve Bastien
  • Alexandre Montplaisir
  • Bernd Hufmann
  • Jean-Christian Kouame
  • Matthew Khouzam
  • Jonathan Rajotte
  • Jeremie Galarneau
  • Mathieu Desnoyers

Update @ Ericsson

  • Release 2.2
  • Wednesday is RC1, Feature freeze/API freeze
  • /// will test
  • Please update N&N and doc if need be.
  • More maintanance now.

Update @ Poly

  • Update with custom charts.
  • Generic Callstacks
  • Dynamic Tracing with students
  • Error recovery (for 2.3)

Update @ EfficiOS

  • Due to re-orientation of priorities, EfficiOS will unfortunately withdraw from the Trace Compass project.
  • Alex stepping down as project lead and as maintainer of various parts.
  • Alex will possibly remain maintainer of the state system library, to discuss with Geneviève.
  • EfficiOS will be spinning off a LTTng-specific version of Trace Compass, to continue offering users a viewer for LTTng traces. How much work/involvement is put into that viewer remains to be determined.

Discussions on Review Time

How to share experimental stuff?

At The Crossroads: TraceCompass Needs A Compass


The Great Schism Act II: Mitosis or Meiosis, Which Will It Be?

Proposal: split main code base into to staging and production. Have staging in marketplaces to showcase features.

Action Items

  • None remaining

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