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Trace Compass/Project Meetings/2016-08-05

Meeting location


Attendants: Jonathan Rajotte, Bernd Hufmann, Patrick Tasse, Marc-Andre Laperle, Jean-Christian Kouame, Sonia Farrah, Bruno Roy, Matthew Khouzam, Gabriel Andrew Pollo Guilbert

Work done at Efficios

  • Work on control flow view refactor
  • Clone and pin for time graph views: technical issue with states not being kept. Bugs opened.
  • Meeting with Gabriel Pollo Guilbert. Working towards final review. Looks goods.

Work done at Polytechnique

  • Gabriel Pollo's work.

Work done at Ericsson

  • JUL/Log4J/Python logging control support.
  • Filter in segment store views
  • Flame graphs
  • Persisting column states in events view
  • Fix IPI IRQs
  • Productify graphical creation of XML analysis


  • Improve testing of project explorer.

Trace Compass 2.0.1 Release

  • Bug fixes
  • Build already started

Trace Compass 2.1 Release (feature freeze August 24th)

  • All features must be in by then for 2.1
  • Testing

Uprade, on startup or not?

  • Easy technically
  • Do we want to do it?

Cool stuff

  • Gabriel's demo
  • Bruno's demo of JUL and Log4J
  • Sonia's demo of flame charts.

Action Items

  • Marc-Andre: look into turning on automatic updates by default for stable releases. Update release preparation document. Create bug to remember to do this. Leave master branch as not automatic.

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