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Trace Compass/Project Meetings/2016-07-22

Hangout URL


Go over action items of last meeting

  • Write-up about committer definition and expectations : not done. Take the standard eclipse one. (11:09 - 11:10)
  • Blog post about Trace Compass UST JUL tracing: blog should come up by monday 25th on Talking about multiple ways of filtering. (11:10-11:18)

Hand over chairing and/or note-taking in meetings

  • Chair: Alex
  • Secretairy: matthew

Updates to website

  • What would we like to see on this website: (11:23-11:47)


 * Deadline analyses
 * Latencies
 * Critical Path
 * Add LAMI? / Command line Stuff?
 * Data Driven XML?
 * Integration to source code (symbol provider)

Site look and feel

  • Screenshots need to be updated
 * Markers
  • Screenshot scroller / carousselle
  • Dark theme?
  • Is the site about the plug-in or the RCP or both?

Site location?

  • Code not pretty enough to open source yet
  • Get source code?
  • subdomain possibilities.

Discussion on code convention

  • Discussion on placement of "internal" in trace compass package for JUL tracing. - active parties: Alex/Genevieve/Marc-Andre (11:18-11:23)

Open a bug in help?

Updates from Partners

=== Efficios === (11:59-12:01)

  • Pin and clone
  • Reviews
  • Timegraph view refactoring

=== Polytechnique === (11:54-11:58)

  • LTTng modules improved to work with everything in master
  • Finishing generic lami charts
  • Vacations!!!
  • UI responsiveness tests. JUL logging XY charts.
  • Discussion of merge strategy with state system improvements.

=== Ericsson === (11:46-11:54)

  • Meeting with Mike M.
 * Branding
 * New IP process: more trust in committers and less CQs
   * two types of projects: current and lightweight cq.
  • Various finishing off of tests/documentation
  • LTTng Control Improvements
  • Custom Parser Event improvements
  • Segment store filtering experimentation
  • Pattern detection analysis
  • Callgraph model
  • Marker improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • GUI XML editor

Action items

  • Marc-Andre: look into making "internal" convention
  • Get an action item for the website

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