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Trace Compass/Project Meetings/2016-07-08


  • Alexandre Montplaisir (EfficiOS)
  • Jonathan Rajotte (EfficiOS)
  • Patrick Tassé (Ericsson)
  • Matthew Khouzam (Ericsson)
  • Marc-André Laperle (Ericsson)
  • Jean-Christian Kouamé (Ericsson)
  • Geneviève Bastien (Polytechnique)


Go over action items of last meeting

  • Alex pushed a file to the git repo. It lists the current component maintainers.
  • Geneviève investigated how Eclipse plugins can be packaged and deployed.
    • p2 sites, can be hosted anywhere with an HTTP server
    • Marketplace, that is for Eclipse stuff only though
    • Eventual git trees and p2 sites could be on the project's download area at Eclipse, if needed

Committer definition and expectations

  • Matthew will do a write-up of the document and propose it to the others so it can be reviewed.

New default perspective

  • Matthew presented the new perspective proposal.
  • Geneviève will do a review of the Kibana tool, which apparently offers a great out-of-the-box experience.

Expanding JUL logging integration

  • We could eventually implement a special handlers to defers certain log calls (like warnings and above) to also log to the Error Log.
    • For now we will keep both APIs separate, so some places might have calls to both LOGGER.warning() and Activator.logWarning() for example.
  • Same with existing Eclipse tracing trace points (which is used for requests, signals, etc.)
    • Marc-André mentioned we could implement, and push to Eclipse upstream, a configuration window to configure the JUL setting, similar to the one used for Eclipse tracing. This would be more user-friendly than having to tweak a text file every time.

Status updates of the various parties


  • Alex is working on next/previous feature, and is reviewing Simon's UstDebugInfo patch, and Loïc's state system patches.
  • Jonathan is working on the Pin & Clone feature, and did a quick demo.


  • Updating flame graph model
  • Futex analysis
  • Investigating which LTTng features are missing in the Control view
  • Graphically create and edit XML state systems (Simon Delisle's masters)
  • Apply filter within latency views
  • Finish persisting table column sizes
  • Support default timestamp format in text parsers


  • Publish JUL-Trace Compass analysis
  • Patch for custom parser fields
  • Review Gabriel's patches about custom-charts-from-any-data-source

Action Items

  • Matthew to do a write-up about committer roles, definition and expectations.
  • Alex to do a blog post about Trace Compass UST-JUL tracing

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