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Trace Compass/Project Meetings/2016-05-13


  • Alexandre Montplaisir (EfficiOS)
  • Jonathan Rajotte (EfficiOS)
  • Bernd Hufmann (Ericsson)
  • Patrick Tassé (Ericsson)
  • Matthew Khouzam (Ericsson)
  • Marc-André Laperle (Ericsson)
  • Jean-Christian Kouamé (Ericsson)
  • Simon Marchi (Ericsson)
  • Geneviève Bastien (Polytechnique)


Go over action items of previous meeting

  • Custom state value patches
    • One out of 3 patch was merged. The other two should be straightforward to review.
    • The approach taken was to have one implementation and two interfaces, one for reading and one for writing. Similar to StateSystem and ITmfStateSystem.

Status of features to merge before the feature freeze

Feature freeze is next Wednesday, May 18th, at noon!

Loïc's state system patch

  • Geneviève wanted it to go in, Bernd and Alex were a bit weary. Note: it was mentioned last meeting that this was discussed with Loïc, and this wasn't planned for Neon:
  • It could go in master soon after the stable branch is branched.

Debug-info analysis

  • Patch to update to the final LTTng 2.8 event names was merged.
  • Only change remaining is to make use of the is_pic field to determine if the binary is PIC or not. This is not a big change, could be merged after the freeze.
  • Documentation patch will be updated post-feature-freeze too.

LTTng-Analyses integration

All the other patches are not as invasive or important, so they could be rebased after the ones above, and merged post-FF.

Custom state values

As mentioned at the beginning, there are still 2 patches left:

Callstack changes

All patches are up. The "getQuarks()" patch is actually needed for this branch, so Alex will look at it.

Timestamp formatting patch from Patrick

Patch to be uploaded to Gerrit, Geneviève will review.

Error reporting / messaging API

Stable branch

  • A stable Neon branch will be created next week, right after the RC1 release.
  • Changes to go for the Neon release should be committed to master first, then cherry-picked to the stable branch, as usual.
  • A discussion about the branching strategy (master, 3.0, etc.) should be held at the next meeting.
  • No API breaks should be made in master until then.

Action items


  • Get all the patches in for the feature freeze!
  • Discuss the API/branching strategy for Oxygen at the next meeting

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