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Trace Compass/News/NewIn91



ctf.core: Implement parsing of clock fragments

ctf.core: Proper initialization of a CTF2 Trace

ctf.tests: Don't use Java 17 APIs in

ctf.core: Parse data stream of a trace

ctf.core.tests: Add JUnit tests for CTF2 Traces

ctf.core: Parse event fragments and strings

ctf.core: Blob field class implementation

ctf.core: Initial field class implementation

tmf: Unit-test TmfTraceType.selectExperimentType

ctf.core: Add initialization to GSON created nodes

ctf.core: Implement JSON parsing for metadata fragments

callstack.core: Add tooltip tests in FlameGraphDPTest

SWSLatency (SchedulerWakeupToSchedulerSwitchLatency) analysis

instantiate ITmfEvent API to TmfTraceType utility class


linux: Move SWSLatency outputs to Trace Compass core

timing.ui: no tooltip when no data is hovered

gdbtrace.core: handle selection with heterogenous traces

lttng2.ust.core: reduce backtracking and clean up regex

Handle different clock frequency in TraceReadAllTracesTest

reduce code duplication for traceType extension point handling

Reuse utility TmfTraceType.instantiateExperiment()

Don't draw arrows that cannot be seen

Improve performance of timegraph with many links/markers

Replace org.apache.log4j with org.slf4j.binding.simple


Remove all switch statements and replace with if-else

Decoupled metadata logic from ANTLR


timing: Fix the Eclipse build errors in IStatisticsAnalysis

analysis: Fix leaks in call stack tests and analysis waitForCompletion

Bug 581642: Correctly handle critical path file

tmf.ui: Fix low priority security hotspot

alltests: Remove obsoleted org.apache.derby.jdbc

tmf.ui calculate entry size for zip leveled structures

tmf.ui: safely expand zip files

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