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Trace Compass/News/NewIn83


Right-click on marker axis zooms to it

Use ITmfSelectionTreeDataModel in AbstractSelectTreeViewer2

Set default entries in histogram data provider

API to specify if entry is a default entry for XY charts

SegmentStoreDensityDataProvider{Factory} for density views.


Bug 581125: tmf: Upgrade org.apache.commons.cli version 1.4.0

callgraph: Fix CallGraphAnalysis format and lints

callstack: Fix CallStackAnalysis format in Eclipse

git: Ignore files generated by maven build

git: Fix LC_COLLATE=C documented sort in gitignore

statesystem: Remove TmfStateSystemExplorer NPE use

statesystem: Fix TmfStateSystemExplorer formatting

Bugs fixed in the 8.3.0 release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in Trace Compass 8.3.0

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