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Trace Compass/News/NewIn71



profiling: Add style provider to CallStackDataProvider

tmf: support for searching previous event in TmfEventTableDataProvider

lttng: Add benchmark for critical path computation

segStore: Add tests for zero-length segments

StateSystem: Add HTVarInt encoding for PotentialLeakSegment

tmf: handle fetch parameter requested_marker_categories in data provider

style provider to call stack data provider

support for searching previous in TmfEventTableDataProvider

Event Density view for statistics

ITimeGraphMarkerListener to trigger refresh of annotations


Dataprovider support for custom annotations

Server-side annotations filtering

Simple regex and complex table column searches for data provider UIs

ICorePropertyCollection and CoreFilterProperty

ICoreElementResolver and CoreMetadataStrings





xml.core: Speed up XML analyses computation of entries start/end time

tmf.ui: Use common class for XML and Text Wizard outputs

tmf.ui: Custom{Txt|Xml}ParserInputWizard Cleanup

tmf.ui: CustomTxtParser replace replaceAll with replace

tmf.ui: throttle querying long running data providers

tmf.ui: No longer pack columns if too slow

tmf.ui: No longer preserve expansion for trees with over 500 entries

common.core: improve logging of documentBuilder hardenning

ctf.core: Use secureRandom for reaper

tmf: Provide Event Density view for statistics

tmf.ui: Show "No Data" when an XY plot is empty

tmf: Use TraceAnnotationProvider in AbstractTimeGraphView

ctf.core: Improve enum errors for out of range values

tmf: Use LostEventsOutputAnnotationProvider trace adapter

tmf: Include requested_marker_categories when fetching annotations

tmf: Decouple ConfigurableMarkerEventSource and CustomAnnotationProvider

tmf: Refactor core annotation packages

tmf.core: move Custom marker logic to core

tmf: remove complex column-based search API of TmfEventTableDataProvider

tmf: use 'isFiltered' instead of 'table_search_index' in event table DP

tmf: Distinguish between simple regex and complex table column search

tmf: Update TmfEventTableDataProvider for search in table

Begin work on making flame graph work with TSP

Throttle back-end queries on trees and timegraphs

Only pack columns in text if they are fast

Improve performance for multivariate charts

CustomDefinedOutputAnnotationProvider/Factory renamed

Add indication that there is no data available to the xy chart

Use TraceAnnotationProvider in AbstractTimeGraphView

Register LostEventsOutputAnnotationProviderFactory adapter

handle requested_marker_categories in data provider

'table_search_index' to 'isFiltered' in event table DP




IPropertyCollection and IFilterProperty

IElementResolver and IMetadataStrings


tmf: Line search should start at requested table index

tmf.ui: fix dark theme for custom text and XML wizard

tmf: Fix internal package visibility

tmf: replace optional.isEmpty() with !optional.isPresent() for Java 8

tmf: Make only one CustomOutputAnnotationProvider return annotations

linux.core: Make Memory analysis handle no data

tmf: Preserve category order in AnnotationCategoriesModel.of()

tmf.ui: Make Pie Charts work with dark theme

tmf: fix multi-column search with TmfEventTableDataProvider

tmf: LostEventOutputAnnotationProvider modifies requested_times list

Bug 575843 - Handle arrows/annotations in callstack fetchTooltip

Bug 575770: Don't add state "null" in call stack tooltips

Line search should start at requested table index

Speed up XML analyses computation of entries start/end time

Custom Text/XML Wizard dark theme

support type Double when using increment feature

reduce the size of potential leak segment storage.

Only one CustomOutputAnnotationProvider return annotations

Remove unnecessary parameters when fetching annotations

Dark theme pie charts

Send "No data" when there is no data

Preserve category order in AnnotationCategoriesModel.of()

Bug 574534: AbstractTmfTraceAdapterFactory leaking objects

Fetching of lost event annotations when requested_items absent

Include requested_marker_categories when fetching annotations

: use https for maven repo

multi-column search with TmfEventTableDataProvider

LostEventOutputAnnotationProvider modifies requested_times list

Make ITimeGraphPresentationProvider return the style of an event if present

Bug 574081: provide flag to disable project compiler settings

Bug 573894: Fix circular dependencies in core/timegraph model

Bug 574059: Fix axis labels of Latency Density views

Bug 574113: analysis: Remove obsolete view def. in plugin.xml files

Bug 574223 - Lttng "Enable Events" dialog can not display completely on windows host


Improve XML documentBuilder hardenning

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