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Trace Compass/News/NewIn70



TraceAnnotationProvider in core and implement it for lost events

factory methods to AnnotationCategoryModel and AnnotationModel


Require JDK 11 for building with default target and settings

Upgrade JRE version requirements of the RCP from 8 to 11.

Return a list of dataproviders in alphabetical order

tmf: Bug 573249: Allow any Number for opacity or -factor in StyleManager

tmf: Provide opacity property for lost event annotations

statesystem: improve error message on String error

tmf.core: Allow merging annotations with same category names

tmf.core: Sort analyses alphabetically


Bug 572888: analysis.graph: Remove deprecated APIs in graph component

Bug 572888: Remove deprecated API in AbstractFileCheckpointCollection

Bug 572888: state system: Remove deprecated APIs in messages

Bug 572888: tmf: remove deprecated APIs in TmfOpenTraceHelper

Bug 572888: Remove deprecated APIs in IElementResolver and related APIs

Bug 572888: tmf.ui: remove deprecated APIs in time graph filtering

Bug 572888: linux: Remove deprecated API in OsStrings

Bug 572888: XY model: Remove deprecated APIs in appearance model

Bug 572888: Remove deprecated APIs in XY model

Bug 572888: btf: Remove deprecated APIs

Bug 572888: Remove deprecated APIs due move o.e.swtchart


Bug 573418: Use https in p2.inf files

Bug 573437: parent process assignment of processes

Cancel CommonXAxisChartViewer update thread just before creating a new one

LTTng ust tracks realloc properly.

Bug 567888: TmfTreeCompositeDataProvider doesn't consider scope

Annotations in experiements

lttng: Bug 573437: Fix parent process assignment of processes

tmf: Bug 573247: PeriodicMarkerEventSource doesn't respect resolution

Common X axis viewer: bug 572887 Cancel before new update thread

ust.core: Fix realloc memory usage tracking

tmf: Bug 567888: TmfTreeCompositeDataProvider doesn't consider scope

tmf: Check state system boundaries in LostEventOutputAnnotationProvider

Bugs fixed in the 7.0.0 release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in Trace Compass 7.0.0

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