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Trace Compass/News/NewIn62



IOutputAnnotationProvider to TmfTreeCompositeDataProvider

tracing to Tmf Trees

Sample logging configuration

Preference option for hiding empty rows upon filtering

setter/getter for root entry name in segment store statistics

API to add/remove providers to TmfTreeCompositeDataProviders


only request new visible markers from time graphs

Events table data provider now sends timestamps in nanoseconds as well as a formatted one.

Aligned XY cursors with respect to time graphs.

change selection cursor to cross in timegraph.

Linux CPU data provider advertises column headers and labels

Let the resources status data providers sort the entries instead of views


Bug 568624: Init scope using getScope() outside the constructor

Improved performance on all tri-state filtered checkbox tree views. e.g. CPU Usage

tmf: Time Graph context not deactivated after Edit in popup menu

Support experiments with only 1 trace in XmlDataProviderManager

Bug 568508: Dispose children DPs of TmfTreeCommpositeDataProvider

Fix obsolete checked elements in AbstractSelectTreeViewer/2

Bug 567884: Create unique entry IDs across providers and scopes

Bug 565097: When filtering, Time graph rows disappear when empty

OutOfMemoryException when validating json trace types

Improved overall state system performance with better hashing

Performance improvement on TID queries

Apply column descriptors in TmfTreeCompositeDataProvider


AbstractTimeGraphView#getViewMarkerList without entries

Bugs fixed in the 6.2.0 release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in Trace Compass 6.2.0

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