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Trace Compass/News/NewIn61


JavaSE-11 Requirement

In the Eclipse 2020-09 (4.17) release, some plug-ins that are dependencies of Trace Compass (specifically, CDT and the Eclipse help plug-ins) have changed their required Java execution environment to JavaSE-11.

This means that, in order to run the Trace Compass plug-ins with the tracecompass-e4.17 target, or to run the Trace Compass 6.1.0 RCP application (which is built with the e4.17 target), the user must have a Java VM that is JavaSE-11 or later installed.

Note that the Trace Compass plug-ins themselves still have their required Java execution environment set to JavaSE-1.8, so it is still possible to run the latest Trace Compass plug-ins with this Java version, if an older target (e4.9 to e4.16) is used to build.


Make XYChart's time axis visibility toggleable

IStatistics#getMinNumber / IStatistics#getMaxNumber

API to apply symbol provider in CallGraphStatisticsDataProvider

The I/O analysis provides segment stores for disk requests.

API to rename conflicting traces during TraceImportOperation

An IODataPalette was added for default styles for read/write data

Added a IYModel#getYAxisDescription method and a TmfXYAxisDescription parameter to the YModel constructor

formatted labels SegmentStoreStatisticsDataProvider

API to format statistics values (min, max, mean, stdDev, total)

table cell descriptors in ITmfTreeDataModel

column descriptor in TmfTreeModel

hide output extension point hide views that would be present

added tmf.cli.core.tests plugin to testing plugin

allow statistics on any metric of a segment

IStatistics interface

mmap_pgprof callsite and component in system calls

Added a DataType enumeration for data providers

Added a DataType field to the TmfXYAxisDescription class

Support WIDTH property for arrow style

A DecimalWithUnitPrefixFormat class to format numbers with metric prefix and optional unit suffix


Support all types of disk requests in Input/Output analysis

Added sorting for systemCall attributes

In disk I/O Activity view, entries that have no read/write activities are not listed

Disk IO data provider provide the styling

additional sorting for segment's attribute comparators

Remove dependency on o.e.linuxtools.dataviewers.feature

internally handle statistics with double precision if possible

Update documentation to reflect Flame Charts instead of Call Stack

Move XYChart and presentation classes out of timegraph package


Y axis for binary sizes

Rename non-running unit tests

Add missing targets in

Fix unit test robustness from JDK and Locale changes

Remove some use of deprecated APIs

Fix some compiler warnings and errors

Fix use of deprecated APIs in org.eclipse.swtchart

use internal pie chart rather than LinuxTools one.

Flame Chart colors not always distinguishable

Fix handling of HEIGHT for symbol markers

Support COLOR style property in TimeGraphLegend

Statistics handle time ranges overlapping eternity

decouple internal density API from SWTChart

Fix the XY chart tooltip color

Fix a race condition when getting the style of XY charts when total series are not set yet by the tree.


Remove tracecompass-e4.7 (Oxygen) target



Bugs fixed in the 6.1.0 release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in Trace Compass 6.1.0

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