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Trace Compass/News/NewIn60



Add TID and Exec_name to tooltip of Critical Path view

Make visibility of time graph and XY chart axis changeable

Add a toolbar button in Time Graph views to show or hide empty rows

Persistence for state of Hide Empty Rows Filter per open trace

Accelerate RGBA.fromString()

Better hide the 0 line of the density chart

Let tree viewer broadcast a model selected signal

Let segment table broadcast a model selected signal

Make the segment table filterable

Accelerate drawing of TimeGraphControl#drawItems

Make all trees persist expanded states

Add support for area charts in density view

Support multiple listeners for the selectTreeViewer

Add the statedump file descriptor to event layout

Let style manager manage multiple style inheritance

Let XY views have their own presentation providers

Add support for tracef

Support experiments in density views

Use OutputElementStyle for XY series as well

Allow CallsiteStateProvider to be extended


Fix IO state provider for traces with lttng 2.12+

Fix handling of default styles

Fix histogram deadlock when max time is Long.MAX_VALUE

Fix rounding error in time graph horizontal drag

Fix progress reporting of analyses

Fix Time Chart view default state color

Preserve state of tree after content changes

Fix race condition on statistics

Preserve selection in segment table if it is still there

Fix color leak in Density view

Fix Select Traces Wizard page

Fix race condition on getInstance of layout

Fix error when opening the synchronize traces wizard

Fix infinite loop in StateSystemUtils.getTimes()

Fix overflow in StateSystemDataProvider state duration


Remove deprecated SeriesModel constructor

Remove deprecated TmfEventsStatistics

Remove deprecated filter attributes

Remove deprecated static field in ResourcesView

Remove deprecated package for UST memory

Remove unthrown exception in ss builder utils

Remove deprecated tooltip provider methods

Remove deprecated methods in XY

Remove deprecated methods of TimeGraphEntry

Remove deprecate filter methods

Remove deprecated factory method

Remove deprecated state system builder methods

Remove deprecated XmlDataProviderManager

Remove deprecated private method

Remove deprecated StateItem constructor

Remove deprecated API methods in data providers

Remove deprecated callstack field

Bugs fixed in the 6.0.0 release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in Trace Compass 6.0.0

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