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Trace Compass/News/NewIn12

LTTng Control view enhancements

Support for LTTng session profiles

Saving of LTTng session profiles

It is now possible to save a LTTng session from the LTTng Control view. The session configuration will be saved as profile in the user's workspace and can be used later on to load this session back on a node where LTTng 2.5 or later is installed.


Loading of LTTng session profiles

The LTTng Control now supports loading one or more previously saved LTTng session configuration from the LTTng Control view. Using the Load session dialog box is possible to select the session profile to load.


Managing of LTTng session profiles

A new preference page has been added to manage LTTng session profiles stored in the user's workspace. It is now possible to share profiles using the the import and export features as well as it is possible to delete a profile from the workspace.


Support for filtering of kernel events

The LTTng Control view implementation now supports filtering of kernel events when enabling kernel events which was added for LTTng v2.7.0 runtime.


Support for filtering in Resources view

The Resources view now supports filtering of resources such as CPUs, IRQs and soft-IRQs.


Persistent filter in Control Flow and Resources view

The filter settings of Control Flow and Resources view are now persisted for all open traces. Switching between open traces won't remove the filter settings of each trace.

Support for refreshing of local traces

It is now possible to refresh traces from the Project Explorer and Events Table using a menu option of the F5 key. The trace index of updated traces will resume and the table will show added events.


Trace indexing improvement

The indexing operation of traces and experiment will resume when closing and reopening a trace before the initial indexing operation was finished.

Display of clock-offset property

Expose clock_offset in Properties view for LTTng CTF traces. This can be used to manually time offset a trace within an experiment where multiple LTTng CTF traces taken on the same machine and time have different UTC offset values. See Bug 484620 comment 9 for a sample workflow using this property.


Bugs fixed in this release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in Trace Compass 1.2

Bugs fixed in the 1.2.1 release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in Trace Compass 1.2.1

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