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Tools PMC Meeting 2014-02-12


Meeting Title: Tools PMC Conference Call
Date & Time: Wednesday, February 12, 2014, at 1100 AM Eastern
Dial in: (See Asterisk service for complete details on SIP, phone numbers, phone mute commands, etc.)
  • Participant conference extension: 717, then enter pin 57932#
  • SIP clients can call, then enter pin 57932.


PMC Members
Name (Affiliations) Attended
John Duimovich (IBM, PMC Lead) N
Eric Clayberg (Google, WindowBuilder) Y
Andy Clement (VMWare/Puppet Labs, AspectJ) Y
Alex Kurtakov (Red Hat, Linux Tools) Y
Doug Schaefer (QNX, CDT) Y
Greg Watson (IBM, PTP) N
David Williams (IBM. Orbit) Y

Attended: Y == Yes, N == No, R == Regrets


  • Doug: more than one vote for committer approval?
It was decided to have informal discussion on PMC mailing list for limited time (such as 24 hours), just stating why +1 was appropriate, or not, then one person to submit formal +1 vote on portal.
Good way to "train" new comers, and keep us all honest and open.
  • State of projects:
Several should be investigated for termination (those with '?'). Volunteers to investigate listed below.
Goal is to report findings and recommendation at next meeting: active committers (if any), last commit of code, activity on mailing list, contact with Project Lead, etc.
    Project                                    Project Lead                                       URL
    AJDT - AspectJ Development Tools Project   Andrew Clement                       

    AspectJ                                    Adrian Colyer                        
    [new project lead coming ... ?]

    Ajax Tools Framework (ATF)                 Roy Ganor (Zend?)                    
    ? Andy will investigate    

    Buckminster Component Assembly             Henrik Lindberg, Thomas Hallgren                         

    C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT)            Doug                                 

    Damos                                      Andreas Unger                        

    EGL Development Tools                      Tim W Wilson (IBM)                                      
    ? inactive (but not ready to terminate?)
    ? dw to investigate

    Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)          Alexander Nyssen                      

    Linux Tools                                Alexander Kurtakov, Jeff Johnston    

    Memory Analyzer                            Krum Tsvetkov                        

    Object Teams                               Stephan Herrmann                         

    Eclipse Orbit Project                      David  Williams                      

    PHP Development Tools                      Jacek Pospychala (no longer Zend, but who?)    redirects to 

    Parallel Tools Platform (PTP)              Greg Watson                          

    Sequoyah                                   Eric Cloninger                                              
    ? Up for termination (except MTJ?) {{bug|388465}}
    Doug to investigate

    Target Management                          David Dykstal                        

    Test and Performance Tools Platform        Wayne Beaton (Torsten Stolpmann)                                
    ? Should be terminated?
    Alex to investigate

    WindowBuilder                              Eric Clayberg                         

  • Whose turn to organize these meetings, take notes?
Agreed it was fine and reasonable to have 3 month rotating assignment
Doug to do next three months.
  • Next meeting: Second Wednesday, 3/12/2014, 11 AM Eastern.
:: Will plan a "breakfast meeting" or similar for those going to EclipseCon

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