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Tools PMC Meeting 2014-01-08


Meeting Title: Tools PMC Conference Call
Date & Time: Wednesday, January 08, 2014, at 1100 AM Eastern
Dial in: (See Asterisk service for complete details on SIP, phone numbers, phone mute commands, etc.)
  • Participant conference extension: 717, then enter pin 57932#
  • SIP clients can call, then enter pin 57932.


PMC Members
Name (Affiliations) Attended
John Duimovich (IBM, PMC Lead) Y
Eric Clayberg (Google, WindowBuilder) Y
Andy Clement (Pivotal Software, AspectJ) Y
Alex Kurtakov (Red Hat, Linux Tools) R
Doug Schaefer (QNX, CDT) Y
Greg Watson (IBM, PTP) Y
David Williams (IBM. Orbit) Y

Attended: Y == Yes, N == No, R == Regrets


  •  ?
  • Doug mentioned CDT will be doing new Release, for Kepler SR2, so we should look for those document soon (and set aside time in our individual schedules to review them).
  • Discussed "state of the Projects" (dw to put on next months agenda, with table of "current status" ... and we'll decide who on PMC should contact the project to ask for "status" if they seem inactive).
  • Discussed potential project, "SWT Port to JavaFX" (Doug to give summary/overview at next meeting, will send note with "google group" and GitHub forks -- we think sent to "IDE List" already?).
  • No real continuation was discussed, other than the JavaFX port might be a way to improve/modernize look ... though there was some disagreement about if that alone would change anything ... but that was countered with it might be a way to stream-line efforts so more effort could be spent on modernizing look, instead of investing in low level APIs for each platform ... not sure if that's feasible ... just documenting that is was mentioned in meeting). The plan was said to be that JavaFX will be an official "standard" by Java 9 ... due in 2016.
  • Next meeting: Second Wednesday, 2/12/2014, 11 AM Eastern.

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