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Tools PMC Meeting 2013-12-11


Meeting Title: Tools PMC Conference Call
Date & Time: Wednesday, December 11, 2013, at 1100 AM Eastern
Dial in: (See Asterisk service for complete details on SIP, phone numbers, phone mute commands, etc.)
  • Participant conference extension: 717, then enter pin 57932#
  • SIP clients can call, then enter pin 57932.


  • Get acquainted.
  • Attendees: Doug, Andy, Greg, Eric, Alex, David
  • We discussed "Where's John?" :)
  • Discussed "role of PMC" ... what's expected of new members? Doug and David mentioned the following specifics, but also admitted "we" have been doing a limited amount of things -- and their degree of "work" or "initiative" is up to them to define.
  • Routine things:
- Final approval on committer elections
- Approve IP requests
- Review and approve "Release requests".
- Monitor project's activities, and initial termination review, if warranted.
  • Less routine:
- act as "ambassadors" to grow Eclipse in general and Tools projects when appropriate.
- make suggestions to EMO if some aspect of process or infrastructure can be improved.
- subscribe to other Top Level PMC lists and look for opportunities to "connect" projects (or, "introduce" them to each other).
- monitor cross-project list and cross-project bugzilla component, if not already, to stay aware of general issues effecting any Tools project.
- its nice to follow dev lists and bugzilla components of all (or several) Tools projects to stay aware of their activities.
- follow our general, Top Level "Tools bugzilla component"
  • We discussed a few "themes" from our new members that deserve on-going discussion:
* Do we need to refine (or, at least document) some of our "approval" or PMC voting conventions?
* "Why Tools?" In general, why should projects join Eclipse Foundation, and given that, what's pros and cons of being in "Tools" vs. some other project?
* Some perceived "problems" with "Eclipse"
- "looks out of date"
- many languages (such as Groovy (not currently an Eclipse project)) have to "patch" JDT
- how to get improvements contributed without "big backers" investing heavily in long term efforts? (Or, how to get some big backers to invest heavily. :)
- There is a lot of "technical debt" being carried along, especially in the form of having to maintain "old stuff" from release to release, and (I think it was said) it'd be easier to have a "major version change" and leave the old stuff behind.
  • Next meeting: Second Wednesday, 1/8/2014, 11 AM Eastern.

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