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TigerstripeF2f 20080421 EMF

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EMF Migration


The purpose of the EMF migration is to transition from using a proprietary Metamodel implementation in the core Tigerstripe to using EMF instead. This transition will be conducted in phases:

  • First develop an EMF-based metamodel
  • Use the EMF-Persistence layer to read/write Tigerstripe models using the current file format, and model reference scheme.
  • Validate this API
  • Integrate the EMF based implementation into Workbench.


The core of Tigerstripe is built around the concept of an "Artifact Mgr" that indexes a model in various way and provides an API to the UI, diagrams and generators. The art. mgr has evolved overtime into a very complex and difficult to maintain component.

It will be replaced with a "ModelRepository" that will hold an EMF model, support facets, and address cross-model references.

Action Items

For the 0.3 release we are mainly focusing on the getting the Tigerstripe EMF API up and running. Without attempting to integrate it to the workbench yet.

To that end we will need to address:

  • Finish persistence to POJOs (JS)
  • Redo proxy resolution (ED)
  • Clean up meta-model (RC)
  • JUnit testing for all of above

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