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Tigerstripe 0.3 stream

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This is the first Open-Source release of Tigerstripe. Why "0.3"? Because our last commercial was a 2.2.x, we divided by 10 and incremented to comply with Eclipse Incubation rules :-).


This first release stream based on the Open-Source code stream is significantly longer than future streams as we had to accommodate the transition as an Open-Source Eclipse Project. In particular,

  • IP Legal Review of 3rd party .jar files
  • namespace change in code base (from com.tigerstripesoftware.* to org.eclipse.tigerstripe.*), as well as migration plan for existing users of old commercial version.
  • API consolidation and refactoring, as well as early alignment with other Eclipse components
  • getting familiar with Eclipse release rules/guidelines.

NOTE: Although this release stream is longer than future streams, it should be noted that we are going to make an initial "End-user stable build" available early for Tigerstripe Workbench end-users (i.e. allowing to edit safely models and generate content while we are finalizing the underlying framework APIs). This initial build is the result of our efforts in parallel with Eclipse Legal reviewing 3rd party .jar (i.e. we couldn't post builds on yet.)


  • Status: updated schedule to reflect re-scheduling.

Integration builds will be posted on a weekly basis.

0.3 Release Schedule
Date Build Comment
April 1416, 2008 0.3M0 Initial build intended for End-Users of Workbench. Internal APIs still stabilizing
May 5, 2008 0.3M1 Split features including Annotations, M0-Generation, Tigerstripe base, Tigerstripe Workbench. Stable APIs
May 26, 2008 0.3M2 Additional support for M0-based Generation, EMF-based M-API
July 1, 2008 0.3 0.3 Release - Based on Release Review

Update: slide by 1 week to accommodate internal resources conflicts. Schedule above reflects this change.

Content Highlight

  • 0.3M0: Initial stable End-User build. Internal APIs still stabilizing
    • Migration support for users of old commercial application
    • Initial support for M0-Based generation (instance diagrams context)
    • Eclipse Headless integration from Maven
    • Initial APIs:
      • Infrastructure API (I-API) for Tigerstripe project creation, editing, etc...
      • Old Model API (M-API) is being deprecated, in preparation for EMF integration.
      • Initial .Ecore model and generated code.
  • 0.3M1: Split features - stable APIs.
    • Split features in 3:
      • Tigerstripe Annotations feature: generic annotation mechanism for model, workspace allowing to separate model and annotations.
      • Tigerstripe Base feature: all core Tigerstripe functionalities including M-API, I-API, generation engine and headless support. No UI. This is intended for adopters interested in building "on-top" of Tigerstripe.
      • Tigerstripe Workbench feature: the end-user workbench as known in past commercial releases, i.e. a production ready MDD environment allowing to edit models, generate content based on model in a collaborative environment.
    • Tigerstripe Generic Annotations
    • Limited JUnit testing migration (from commercial namespace)
  • 0.3M2: Additional support for M0-based Generation, EMF-based M-API
    • New Model API (M-API) for EMF integration.
    • Advance M0-based generation with better meta-model integration
    • Additional Usability enhancements.

Prior builds

Before Eclipse legal gave us a green light we were working with temporary builds. For those of you that may have build 0.3S4, check this link to understand what was new in 0.3M0.

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