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Template:EMF Compare Info

This template is a customization of the Infobox template for EMF Compare. We need neither "Help Wanted" nor "Bugday" links as there are none for our project. We don't need an IRC link either.

The viewvcs link has been dropped altogether since CVS is now shut down.

Markup Rendering
| name = EMF Compare
| website =
| download =
| list = emf-dev
| newsgroup = eclipse.modeling.emf
| product = EMF.Compare
| component = Core
| source =
EMF Compare
Mailing List
Create New
Browse Source


The name of the project, such as Mylyn, CDT, Higgins, EMF. You may want to use the non-abbreviated version.


A link to the project's website. This will likely be of the form


A link to the project's downloads page.


The name of the development mailing list of your project. This would be something like platform-swt-dev or emf-dev.


The full name of the newsgroup of your project, like eclipse.modeling.emf.


The product that the project is listed under in Bugzilla.

Component (optional)

The bugzilla component that the wiki page corresponds to. This can be left blank if all bugs of a given product should be returned on the created hyperlinks.

source (optional)

Use this property if you are using Git or have a different web page that gives directions on getting the source. The value of this parameter should be a fully qualified URL.

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