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5 March 2013 (Tuesday) at 1200 Toronto, 1700 UTC
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Skype: david_dykstal to call martin.oberhuber, david-k-mcknight, xuan.chen886, uwe.stieber, and anna_dushistova. All TM committers and interested parties are invited. Interested parties ping david_dykstal on Skype chat to be added to the call.

Backup dial-in: US & Canada (Toll-Free) 888-426-6840
Austria (Caller Paid) 0-1-2530601
For Other Countries: AT&T Teleconference
Participant Code: 8703125#


Action items from TM/Meetings/5-Feb-2013

  • All Review bug backlogs (Fix target milestones; review / triage incoming high-severity issues)
  • Anna monitor jar signing plugin
  • Dave D
    • Update Website Docs where they refer to CVS (some done, more to do)
    • Downloads Page - recommend manually editing a downloads page; most smaller projects do very simply; (done)
    • Maybe update the CVS repo putting in a "readme.txt" that project has migrated to git (still to do)
    • Webpages partially out-of-date --> migrate to Wiki; Wayne got something "almost done" that can be auto-generated (PMI - still examining, should be able to do some simplification)
    • Create R3_4_maintenance branch on Feb 25 (done)
    • Publish update sites and download pages for Juno RC2 Release Candidates (done)
    • Publish update sites and download pages for RC2 (done)
    • Publish update site and download page for Kepler M5 (done)
  • Manuel Complete legacy builds

Master branch builds

  • Put Repo information into the plugins ? - Currently building on Tycho 0.15, but 0.16 is available
  • Validate Hudson master build output against what we had, file bugs for anything incomplete (done)
  • Some goodies (eg help index; .api_description; scmurl in MANIFEST.MF) might be missing - not necessarily re-do all of them, but document whats different

Legacy branch builds

3.4.2 (Juno SR2)

  • Jars signing was fixed
  • Web pages for RC builds are now active - somewhat automated with PHP
  • Product and PTP problem with RSEInitJob scheduling. Moved scheduling to UI plugin to fix for now.
  • Some issues found with update site and version numbering. To be fixed in 3.4.2+.
  • Accessibility is receiving a heavy emphasis from US Government. No federal sales allowed unless compliant. TM is out of compliance in a couple of areas. DaveM has fixes for most issues. Needed in 3.4.2+ by end of March. Platform, BIRT, and CDT are addressing as well.
    • bug 192758 – [accessibility] Editing of the properties in the New Connection Wizard cannot be done entirely by keyboard
    • bug 210149 – [accessibility] Remote Systems Preference page not fully accessible with keyboard
    • bug 270618 – [terminal][accessibility] Accessibility issues with Terminal view
    • bug 400735 - Accessibility issues for web document


  • contribution made for M5 but broke PTP - "fixed" in master branch
  • will update Kepler to Java 1.6 prior to M6
  • M6+1 is March 18 - API "freeze"?
  • readying web pages for M builds

Web site & wiki maintenance

  • site continues to be updated




Committer status



Next Meeting


  • M6+1 is March 28
  • Being addressed in 3.4.2+
    • Accessibility bugs
    • Plugin numbering
    • Terminal bug
  • Discussion on requiring java 1.6 execution environment
    • Recommend moving only if require 1.5 or 1.6 constructs. 1.4.2 is good enough for most of RSE work.
    • Actual runtimes will be 1.6 or better.
  • DaveD
    • 3.4.2 and release candidates are published to update site, aggregation build, downloads page
    • Created R3_4_maintenance branch
    • AI create 3.5 update site
    • AI update aggregation build contribution to use new update site
    • AI update feature.xml site URLs (master branch)
    • AI update site name in (master branch)
  • Anna
  • Martin
  • DaveM
  • Xuan


  git config --global --list
  git config --global
  git config --global "John Doe"
  git clone ssh://
  #readonly:# git clone git://
  <make changes>
  "git status" shows changes
  "git diff" shows difference (like patch format)
  git add <filename> -adds a file
  git rm <filename> removes a file
  then git commit -m"message" --to commit into your local repo
  git push -- to push to the remote repository
  • TM/Git_Workflows cheatsheet on Wiki: Get egit, Setup egit, Clone Repo (website / code), Update, Edit, Push, Switch branch

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