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2 April 2013 (Tuesday) at 1200 Toronto, 1700 UTC
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Skype: david_dykstal to call martin.oberhuber, david-k-mcknight, xuan.chen886, uwe.stieber, and anna_dushistova. All TM committers and interested parties are invited. Interested parties ping david_dykstal on Skype chat to be added to the call.

Backup dial-in: US & Canada (Toll-Free) 888-426-6840
Austria (Caller Paid) 0-1-2530601
For Other Countries: AT&T Teleconference
Participant Code: 8703125#


Action items from TM/Meetings/5-Mar-2013

  • All Review bug backlogs (Fix target milestones; review / triage incoming high-severity issues)
  • Anna monitor jar signing plugin
    • add scmurl to MANIFEST.MF (done)
  • Dave D
    • Update Website Docs where they refer to CVS (some done, more to do)
    • Maybe update the CVS repo putting in a "readme.txt" that project has migrated to git (still to do)
    • Webpages partially out-of-date --> migrate to Wiki; Wayne got something "almost done" that can be auto-generated (PMI - still examining, should be able to do some simplification)
    • Schedule Kepler release review

3.4.2+ (Juno)


  • Put Repo information into the plugins ? - Currently building on Tycho 0.15, but 0.16 is available
  • Validate Hudson master build output against what we had, file bugs for anything incomplete (done)
  • Some goodies (eg help index; .api_description) might be missing - not necessarily re-do all of them, but document whats different
  • M7+1 is May 6 - This is API freeze

Web site & wiki maintenance

  • site continues to be updated




Committer status



Next Meeting


  • DaveD and DaveM were present.
  • Martin joined in a bit later.


  • Kepler M7+1 is API freeze - May 6. Capture planned for the Friday prior to that - May 3. Please have everything checked in by 1800 UTC.
  • Terminal has a problem in 3.4.2. We have other patches as well. We will go ahead and make an official 3.4.3 release containing these patches sometime in the next week or two.

Action Items

  • AI DaveD agreed to review some 3.4.2 patches for DaveM
  • AI Martin to coordinate 3.4.3 build and release.


  git config --global --list
  git config --global
  git config --global "John Doe"
  git clone ssh://
  #readonly:# git clone git://
  <make changes>
  "git status" shows changes
  "git diff" shows difference (like patch format)
  git add <filename> -adds a file
  git rm <filename> removes a file
  then git commit -m"message" --to commit into your local repo
  git push -- to push to the remote repository
  • TM/Git_Workflows cheatsheet on Wiki: Get egit, Setup egit, Clone Repo (website / code), Update, Edit, Push, Switch branch

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