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Starting a Higgins Build


This page describe how to start autobuilder for any Higgins component. Right now there are to ways to do this:

  1. Start autobuilder from the command line
  2. Start autobuilder from the web page

Start autobuilder from the command line

1. Login to server via SSH.

2. Change current directory to '/shared/technology/higgins/bin':

cd /shared/technology/higgins/bin

3. Run ./ with following format ./ <N|S label|R label> [-tagBuild]

  N        - Nightly build, label is ignored
  S        - Stable build
  R        - Release build
  label    - a string is used to label stable or release builds
  tagBuild - note: option is ignored for SVN

Start autobuilder from the web page

You can start autobuilder for any of Higgins component using Higgins Build Page. This page allow you to run autobiulder to perform Nightly, Stable and Release builds using source code from different branches as well as specify SVN revision number.


  • Only Higgins commiters can run autobuilder. So, you will need to login there using your Eclipse bugzilla account in order to access build page.
  • It is possible to run only one autobuilder at a time. So, sometimes you may need to wait until previous build is completed.


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