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StAC 090115 Minutes

1700 UTC (9am Pacific, noon Eastern) -- Immediately following the Architecture Council monthly meeting.


(+1) 613.287.8000 (Ottawa and international) or
866.362.7064 (toll-free North America)
passcode 464440#


  • The 2009 program plan allocates a budget for the EMO to use towards the theme of “ensuring a great release train” based on advice and prioritization of the StAC (i.e., the three councils).
  • Based on the StAC’s feedback and suggestions, we can fund efforts to help with Galileo, or if timing does not support priorities we can start looking to the 2010 release train. Purely hypothetical examples to show the things we could do include fund a usability study, work on cross project testing, etc.
  • Purpose of this call is to lay the groundwork to start considering efforts and prioritizations and to schedule a follow up call for the week of January 26th.
  • Discussion can base on the StAC 081028 Minutes SWOT analysis of the release train.


    • Boris Bokowski (AC, IBM)
    • Dave Carver (AC, STAR Organization)
    • Paul Clenahan (RC, Actuate)
    • Rich Gronback (AC, PC, Borland)
    • Pat Huff (RC, IBM)
    • Mik Kersten (AC, TaskTop)
    • Donald Smith (RC, Eclipse Foundation)
    • David Williams (PC, AC, IBM)


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