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StAC 081028 Minutes


  • Oliver Cole, OC Systems
  • Rich Gronback, Borland
  • Neil Hauge, Oracle
  • Anthony Hunter, IBM
  • Pat Huff, IBM
  • Markus Knauer, Innoopract
  • Donald Smith, The Eclipse Foundation
    • Took minutes -- please blame errors/corrections/misunderstandings therein.
  • David Williams, IBM


What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the annual release train?


  • Allows focus and prioritization of IP Processes
  • Improved cross project consumption
  • Growing brand awareness
  • Schedule alignment
  • Unifying force in the Ecosystem
  • Predictable Success (3 for 3 record)
  • Taught us celestial geography
  • Easier community installation and adoption
  • Improved quality versus stand alone releases
  • Ability to adopt early in development cycle
  • Increased Promotion of individual projects that are part of the train
  • Standards improving each year – demonstrable improvements YoY


  • Perception that it’s an integrated community product – leads to disappointment from end users
  • Common schedule not perfect for everyone “M5 Syndrome”
  • In some cases a short lag between projects may be more optimal (WTP consuming Platform 3.x.1 versus 3.x.0)
  • Quality issues in one project impacts reputation of many
  • Little ongoing enforcement of quality
  • Creates spike in resource requirements (i.e., foundation bandwidth, IP analysis, etc)


  • Improved Integration Testing
  • Potential sweet spot for member recruitment campaigns after release train July/August
  • “Working Group” or “Vertical” Release trains
    • I.e. “Mobile Working Group Release Train”
  • Revenue generation opportunities during heavy traffic spike (a-la friends)


  • Growing too large to manage
  • External schedule dependencies
  • Innovation stifle to meet hard deadlines
  • Lack of immediate localization
  • Waterfall of dependencies means if one project withdraws, many are affected

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