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Container and edition tools


Enhance a basic Diagram to display the sub-choreographies with a container showing the sub-instructions and provide tools to allow the user to create new instructions and sub-diagrams.

  • Container
    • Sub-choregraphies with the list of their sub-instructions
  • Double-click Tool
    • Create/Open a diagram by double-clicking on a Choreography
  • Creation Tools
    • A button for each kind of instruction
    • Two buttons for Rotate (left and right)


Sirius concepts

During this step, you will mainly use these Sirius concepts:

  • Container
    • Describes model elements displayed via a box which can show sub-elements
  • Color Palette
    • Defines custom colors
  • Section
    • Describes a category of tools in the palette
  • Node Creation Tool
    • Describes the tool in the palette that allows the user to create a new node
  • Container Creation Tool
    • Describes the tool in the palette that allows the user to create a new container
  • Double-click Tool
    • Describes the action to perform when the user double-clicks on a diagram element


Watch the video (18'25)


Detailed script

Use a container to display the sub-choreographies with their instructions

  • In the Default Layer, delete the Node CD_SubChoreography and replace it by a Container that will display the Choreography with its sub-instructions
    • Id = CD_SubChoreography
    • Domain Class = mindstorms::Choreography
    • Semantic Candidate Expression = feature:instructions
    • Children Presentation = List
    • Create a Style of type Gradient
      • Label Format = Bold
  • Add this container to the Source and Target mappings of the edge CD_Next

Note: To display the sub-instructions, we will use a unique sub-node and compute the label with a service written in Java

  • Define a service that computes the label of any kind of instruction.
    • Copy the source code of the Method named getLabel from the file methods.txt into the class
  • In CD_SubChoreography, Create a Sub Node named CD_SubInstruction
    • Domain Class = mindstorms::Instruction
    • Semantic Candidate Expression = feature:instructions
    • Define a default Style (any kind of style with a label property, for example Square)
      • Show Icon = true
      • Label Expression = service:getLabel()
  • Now, the diagram on the sample model should look like this:


  • Define a specific color for the container’s background
    • Create a Users Colors Palette
      • Add a User Fixed Color named MindstormsColor1
  • Red = 186
  • Green = 223
  • Blue = 225
    • Update the style of the CD_SubChoreography container
      • Background Color = MindstormsColor1
      • ForegroundColor = MindstormsColor1

Add creation tools

  • In the Default layer, create a Section to provide a palette for the creation of objects
  • In this section, create a Node Creation tool to create instances of Grab
    • Id = Grab
    • Node Mapping = CD_Grab
    • To also allow the users to create a Grab directly into a sub-choreography add CD_SubChoreography in the Extra Mappings property
    • Under the Begin node, create an Operation of type Change Context in order to define on which object the next operations will be executed
      • Browse Expression = var:container (this is the current Choreography)
    • Add an Operation of type Create Instance
      • Reference Name = instructions
      • Type Name = mindstorms::Grab
  • Copy/Paste and adapt the previous Node Creation tool for the other kinds of Action:
    • Release
    • GoForward
      • After the creation of the instance, add a Set:
        • Feature Name = cm
        • Value Expression = 50
    • Rotate to Left
      • After the creation of the instance, add a Set:
        • Feature Name = degrees
        • Value Expression = 90
    • Rotate to Right
      • Icon Path = Rotate_Right_16px.png (prefixed with its path)
      • After the creation of the instance, add a Set:
        • Feature Name = degrees
        • Value Expression = -90
  • To also provide a button in the palette that allows the user to create Choreographies, create a Container Creation tool and proceed like the Node Creation tools created previously
    • After the creation of the instance, add a Set:
      • Feature Name = name
      • Value Expression = NewChoreography

  • Now, you should see some buttons in the palette that create new instructions within the current choreography:


Add a navigation tool

  • In the previous Section, create a Double-Click tool to navigate from a Choreography to its own diagram
    • Mapping = CD_SubChoreography
    • After the Begin, create a Navigation to Choreography Diagram
      • Create if not Existent = true
  • Close the diagram and reopen it: now, by double-clicking on the header of the container C1, a dialog box opens to create a new diagram:


If you click on 'Ok', Sirius creates and opens a new diagram:


Installing the solution

The solution of this step is provided in

Warning: If you delete your current design project and load the solution, you should close the sample project and reopen it, in order the new version to be taken into account

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