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Domain Model


Define the concepts used by the Mindstorms modeling tool



Watch the video (12'46)


Detailed script

  • Launch Obeo Designer
  • Create an Ecore Modeling Project
    • Name = fr.obeo.dsl.tuto.mindstorms
    • Ns URI =
    • Use the Palette to create the EClasses: Choreography, Instruction, Action, Grab, Release, Rotate and GoForward.
      • Set Instruction and Action as abstract
    • Use the Palette to create SuperType relations:
      • from Grab, Release, Rotate and GoForward to Action
      • from Action and Choreography to Instruction
    • Use the Palette to create a Composition relation named instructions between Choreography and Instruction
    • Use the Palette to create EAttributes:
      • Choreography
        • name: EString
      • Rotate
        • degrees: EInt
        • random: EBoolean
      • GoForward
        • cm: EInt
    • Right-click on the diagram and select the menu Generate
      • Generate the Model code
      • Generate the Edit code
      • Generate the Editor code
  • Edit the fr.obeo.dsl.tuto.mindstorms.edit generated project to improve the default labels and icons
    • Replace the icons contained in icons/full/obj16 by those from
      • Use the menu Import... > General > Archive File
    • Replace the getImage method of the class (in fr.obeo.dsl.tuto.mindstorms.edit) by the one defined in methods.txt

Installing the solution

Import the solution


Use the menu and options Import... > Existing Project into Workspace > Select archive file to import the three existing Eclipse projects contained in this archive.

These projects define the mindstorms metamodel

Launch a new runtime

Create and launch a new Eclipse Launch Configurationto simulate the installation of the Mindstorms metamodel and make it available for execution

  • Click on Run > Run Configuration…


  • Select Eclipse Application, click on New


  • Then click on Run
  • In the new runtime, import the Eclipse project contained in the archive
    • Use the menu and options Import... > Archive File
    • It contains a sample Mindstorms model that will be used to test your modeling tool
    • You can open this model with the default editor generated by EMF
  • Your environment should look like this:


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