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Sirius 5.0.0 is a major release, part of the Eclipse Oxygen Simultaneous Release.

Sirius 5.0 focuses on streamlining the end-user experience.

In particular, it features:

  • direct support for wizards and dialogs in modelers definition, using the same vocabulary as for properties views support (introduced in version 4.0), which allows for better UX in modelers;
  • a new form-based editor for Sirius (.aird) files which provides end-users complete overview of their models and representations, and direct access to the most common operations, avoiding reliance on hard-to-discover context menus;
  • on diagrams, a new decorator mechanism has been introduced which composes better in complex modelers with many extensions;
  • improved image resolution of exported diagrams;
  • the ability for end-users to force the use of the standard Eclipse font for Sirius trees, when the values defined in the modeler definition are not adapted.

For specifiers, in addition to the aforementioned support for wizards & dialogs definition, this version also features:

  • improved static validation and completion in the VSM editor;
  • support for partial/incremental (re-)definition of properties views and wizards/dialogs;
  • automatic creation of "canonical" properties views based on the target type's features;
  • a new 'Let' operation to define local variables and avoid repeated evaluation of common sub-expressions;
  • support for OCL/AQL syntax in the VSM editor when specifying target types.

On the technical/internal side:

  • this version now requires Java 8 and drops support for Eclipse Mars: it is now only compatible with Neon and Oxygen. It is also compatible with Guava 21.
  • preparatory work has been merged that will lead in future versions to better scalability in cases where there are many representations, most of which are not used at a given time. This should have no visible effect on this version, but the mechanisms put in place will be exploited in future versions.


Sirius 5.0.0 was released on 2017-07-28 (tag v5.0.0, commit f734f7c5b56caa9b03f237ba247d708619c49cc1). It is available from the following update sites:

It is recommended you use the update-site matching the version of Eclipse you use to avoid potential issues at runtime.

The complete JUnit and SWTBot test suites used to validate Sirius are published along with all their dependencies in separate update-sites from the core, available at:

Compatibility & Requirements

Sirius 5.0.0 is compatible with the following versions of Eclipse:

  • Eclipse 4.6 (Neon).
  • Eclipse 4.7 (Oxygen). Oxygen is the reference platform.

If you want to install the feature, which provides APIs to help create automated tests of Sirius-based modelers, you will need to add the following update-site:

New & Noteworthy

The complete list of (101) tickets fixed in Sirius 5.0.0 can be found here.

The release notes with highlights can be found here.

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