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Siemens RFC119 Contribution And Collaboration


Siemens has expressed interest in contributing their work on OSGi EE RFC119 discovery to the ECF project.

ECF enhancement request for implementing RFC119 in ECF 3.0/Galileo is here.

Contribution Questionnaire

A contribution questionnaire (CQ) has been submitted as a placeholder for the forthcoming Siemens code contribution, in order to meet the Eclipse Foundation deadlines for Galileo release. The CQ is CQ 3029. Note that only committers will be able to access this CQ, and that Scott will monitor it for interactions with Eclipse Foundation.

Siemens Team Contacts

  • Viktor Ransmayr - viktor.ransmayr at
  • Thomas Kiesslich - thomas.kiesslich at
  • Wolfgang Strunk - strunk.wolfgang at

ECF Team Contacts

ECF has a wiki page for tracking/communicating about all work on RFC119 within the ECF project here. ECF team members working on RFC119 impl and email contact information is here.


Call Information

  • International: 613-287-8000
  • Toll free: 866-362-7064
  • Participant passcode: 892048#

Previous Meetings - Agenda and Notes

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