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Agenda for 1.23.2009 Siemens Meeting


  • To discuss joint work at Eclipse Foundation between Siemens team and RT/ECF on supporting RFC 119 in Eclipse Runtime Project.

Day and Time

Friday, Jan 23, 2009. 1500 UTC 7:00am pacific

Call Information

  • International: 613-287-8000
  • Toll free: 866-362-7064
  • Participant passcode: 892048#


  • Thomas Kiesslich - Siemens, Viktor Ransmayr, Phillip Konradi - Siemens
  • Scott Lewis, Marcelo Mayworm, Jan Rellermeyer, Markus Kuppe -- ECF
  • Jeff McAffer -- Equinox

Draft Agenda

  • Introduce Team Members to one another, both Siemens and ECF
  • Siemens Team: Describe existing RFC 119 implementation. Answer questions and provide pointers to docs and/or code for post-meeting review.
    • Primarily have discovery portion of spec.
    • Discovery code is part of Apache reference implementation
    • Siemens is owner of code and so can expose to ECF project as desired
    • ACTION: Determine when ECF can have access to source code for review/understanding
  • Siemens Team: Describe intended plan WRT current codebase vis a vis ECF contribution
    • Plan to contribute discovery implementation for RFC 119 to ECF/RT project
  • ECF Team: Describe existing ECF approach for discovery and remote services APIs (provider architecture). Answer questions and provide pointers to docs and/or code or bugs for post-meeting review.
  • ECF Team: Describe ongoing work for ECF enhancement #249240.
  • ECF Team: IP/Licensing discussion
    • Siemens Able/Willing to Contribute under EPL (?)
    • Need to get CQs for Galileo in place (see mailing list posting).
  • F2F meeting in Europe (probably Munich) in January
  • EclipseCon09

Proposed Meeting Output

  • Steps for Siemens contribution to be assessed, used, and reviewed by ECF team
  • Steps for access to ECF current and planned work by Siemens team (if needed)
  • Team Contacts/Communications

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