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Requirements Process

Aperi Requirements Process

This is a process for obtaining requirements and developing an updated Aperi road map. Per our Voting Process, we are required to vote on road map changes. This process is intended to define outstanding requirements and line items, prioritize them, assign resources, arrange line items across time in the road map, and obtain agreement from the community.


  1. Announce the start of requirements gathering with the intent to update the Aperi Technical Road Map. Announcement should happen at Development, Architecture and Community meetings as well as posted to aperi-dev and aperi-news.
  2. Review the process to gather requirements with the community and make appropriate updates to the process.
  3. Requirements gathering
    1. Review the following artifacts with the community in order to understand our current backlog:
    2. Solicit requests for new requirements that are not on the list
  4. Requirements Prioritization
    1. Assign a priority value to each requirement (High, Medium, Low)
      • Use Priority field in Bugzilla? (P1-P5, P1 being the highest priority)
        • Checking with Eclipse to see if feasible
    2. Organize the requirement list by priority
  5. Assign resource for higher priority items
    • May need to re-prioritize items if resource is not secured
  6. Obtain time frame for completion of higher priority items
  7. Map line items across time in road map
  8. Obtain final agreement from team on road map


  • Requirements management - Use Bugzilla to collect, prioritize and track requirements.
  • Process management - Use Aperi wiki to store process, project schedule, meeting minutes, static items, Bugzilla reports
  • Team communication - Use community meetings and minutes as well as aperi-news as communication vehicle for this process

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