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Requirements Council May15 07 Meeting

Teleconference, May 15, 2007. In Attendance:

  • Paul Styles, Compuware
  • Stephen Henderson, Borland
  • Pat Huff, IBM
  • Bob Fraser, BEA
  • Doug Gaff, Wind River
  • Brian Carroll, Serena/ALF
  • Dino Brusco, Motorola

Sent Regrets,

  • Anurag,
  • Paul Clannahan


  • Everyone is happy with the schedule of Jan/June/Oct F2F with periodic telecalls
  • We discussed the Update Manager Issue and results coming from the Provisioning Workshop:
    • Ganymede_Provisioning_Workshop
    • We discussed the Minutes from the Ajax meeting at EclipseCon and there is agreement this group makes sense under a broader mandate of RIA and no objections to the objectives noted in the work group. Minutes attached.
    • We agreed the idea has merit in other areas in the November timeframe (to be discussed in June), perhaps a ““Europa-ready Plugfest” theme.
    • Internationalization and Localization – Project being worked on. Draft proposal, BEA co-lead, expected within next week or two. Kick of project before 3.3 release. Pat/Don to update group when proposal hits the wire. Anything

Agenda for June Meeting

  • 2008 T&P
  • Oracle, SOPERA, Cloudsmith intros
  • Issues
    • Ensuring Packaging Project – Mya—PDE Build is going to meet ecosystem needs
    • Multi-Core support?
    • TBD

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