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Eclipse RTP Amazon Images

Eclipse RTP maintains a set of pre-configured images for Amazon EC2. These images are provides as Amazon Community AMI's (AMI: Amazon Machine Image). Thus, they can be directly installed using Amazon's EC2 Management Console (see: Please find a short screencast that demonstrates how to install a virtual rtp machine on Amazon's EC2 at

In a Nutshell

  • the RTP Amazon AMI's consists of a minimal ubuntu server installation ( and a pre-installed RTP package
  • you can manage a running RTP Amazon Instance via SSH/Port 22, using the user "eclipse-rt-user" and the private SSH key that you create during the setup in the Amazon Management Console
  • once connected to the Amazon instance, run "eclipse-rt" to open the OSGi console
  • the idea behind AMI packages is to provide an easy and fast way to get an Eclipse RTP instance up and running. Of course, you can still download your favorite RTP package and install it on the server of your choice.

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