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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 131106

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  • Tom
  • Ian
  • Markus - RAP
  • Markus - ECF
  • Christian


  • Approval of Florian Waibel as Virgo Project Lead (as per recent email to rt-pmc)
  • Charter Update
  • EclipseCon NA 2014 and Eclipse RT

Virgo Project lead

  • Note sent to EMO to finalize Florian as Lead

Charter Update

  • Need to update charter to remove OSGi
  • Ian take a first stab at opening the charter up to other non-OSGi runtime technologies
  • Also need to make a reference to a new Eclipse Stardard Top Level charter which incorporates the license changes Mike mentioned on the rt pmc list.

Eclipse RT Summit

  • Don't want to discuss if RT makes sense or what it is.
  • Maybe a symposium.
  • Allow community members to showcase their technology built on EclipseRT
  • RT hackathon?
  • Ian and Tom to discuss ideas with program committee

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