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The RT project includes a number of different runtime related technologies at Eclipse. You can get involved in RT by joining one of the efforts in a current project or proposing a new effort. RT is managed by a PMC that holds open phone meetings on a regular basis. See the meeting calendar for details and the PMC page for more details on the meeting agendas and minutes.

Visit the wiki pages of some of RT's sub-projects here:

EclipseRT and the Cloud

EclipseRT for Amazon EC2

EclipseRT OSGi Certification

OSGi Certification

EclipseRT Marketing

A number of marketing and community activities are being organized through the RT PMC. Details can be found on the RT Marketing.


The various RT projects have regular calls to coordinate collaboration. The RT PMC has a bi-weekly call. See the meeting agendas and minutes for more detail.

All of this is tracked in the Equinox Calendar

The calendar is available in the following formats: ICal, ATOM News Feed, HTML

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