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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 130417

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  • Tom
  • Ian
  • Glyn


  • Discuss Panel

Discuss Panel Note

  • OSGi Frameworks or not. We talked about other runtime environments. All in agreement that the charter needs to change to support runtime environments
    • Ian will take the first stab at updating charter.
  • Solid example needed
    • Hard to find an owner with strong business need
    • Pointed that pet shop runs on Virgo
    • There is toast but its gone stale and maybe too complicated or involved. Not necessarily exemplary.
    • We need something like JDT. Can RAP be used to provide the example?
  • Projects on the train vs. not on the train
    • EclipseLink on the train: why?
      • because they have integrated tools
      • Keep rhythm for for releasing stuff
    • RAP is similar - Tools for RAP
    • Virgo
      • no tooling integration
      • no strong value add
    • Did not discuss the need for a common RT repo
      • Would have been nice too!
  • Packaging Project
    • Not enough interest from contributors to drive the work?
  • Three stacks were discussed. We should highlight these as the starting point for folks coming to RT. Which stack should they use and why.
    • Vert.x - ??
    • Virgo - Point to an easy starting guide for Nano
    • Jetty - Point to instructions for running stand alone or in OSGi

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